How I Lowered My Cholesterol

How I Lowered My Cholesterol

One day, I woke up and decided to start taking better care of myself. I became more actively interested in my own health, particularly in diet and exercise. These words still ring true to this day. If your health is bad, then it’s probably because you are lacking in one or both of these areas.

First, I began with the mindset that I was doing this for my health, and not to have a lower weight or cholesterol score. Health is always a bigger carrot than the cholesterol stick when you are focused on your goals. Otherwise, you will end up becoming frustrated quickly and you will begin to worry that you aren’t making as much progress as you should be.

I feel that exercise was the most crucial step along the way. It helped me lose weight and generally feel better. Additionally, some exercise time will give you a good “break” when you feel that you are too busy to think. Stress will drive up your cholesterol, and exercise will help you use your energy in a positive way to prevent your cholesterol from becoming too high.

Eating well is also another important component of keeping your cholesterol down. For starters, plenty of fruits and vegetables will do. For breakfast: I ate a slice of whole-grain bread, an apple, carrots, a cup of yogurt, a few blueberries, and jalapeno pepper. For lunch, I ate a sandwich with turkey, lettuce, and tomato; an apple; orange; carrots; and celery. I would also vary my vegetables/fruits from time-to-time for a little bit of variety. This made the diet easier to follow because I would look forward to trying new things. For dinner, I ate a piece of fish along with some sort of vegetable and bread; or pasta. Lunch was my heaviest meal of the day, similar to the Spanish diet. You can try out this link Nutrisystem cost that will tell you about the expenses of this diet plan. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables will provide you with a source of vitamins. They will fill you up and reduce your cravings for unhealthier foods because they are filled with vitamins.

Spending time with people that you like is also a good way of feeling less stressed and anxious, which has a tremendous impact on your cholesterol level. You will feel much healthier and happier when you do this.

Another key part of my diet was making gradual changes. Making changes too rapidly would result in me being unwilling to follow through. Our bodies can’t respond to a sudden change in diet and exercise. It’s much easier to make changes and cutbacks over an extended period of time rather than making immediate dietary changes, thus, this is how I lowered my cholesterol.