Housekeeping Guide For People With Chronic Illnesses

Housekeeping Guide For People With Chronic Illnesses

Keeping a house clean and organized is not an easy task for many people. It is even more challenging if you have health issues. For example, conditions like fibromyalgia, depression, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome drain your energy level and make it harder to complete tasks. However, that does not mean you have to live with dirt and in mayhem.

Start by obtaining the correct cleaning supplies and implements. While most of us are on controlled budgets, it is still important to get what is suitable and easy to use, not what is cheapest. There are a myriad of new items on the market that make cleaning your home much easier. No longer do we have to rely on just a rag, a mop, and a bucket. For example, there are cleaning wands with long handles and disposable cleaning heads available for bathtubs. It is definitely worth it to keep those on hand to forego inevitable backaches. There are also many types of mops available that are lightweight and easy to use. The same goes for brooms. The older style brooms just moved dirt around, and you had to bend over to use a dustpan to try to sweep up as much dirt as possible. There are now sweepers available that even go under furniture and into small spaces. Those are very important in your cleaning stable, as it saves you from having to move furniture around! People suffering from chronic illness will have emergence requirement of домоуправител в софия. The moving of the furniture and cleaning will be done as per the interest of the owner. Proper love and support will be provided to the person suffering from the illness for better recovery.

If you have any type of carpet in your home, of course you will need a vacuum cleaner. Powerful vacuum cleaners used to be heavy and bulky. If you still have one of those, it’s time to upgrade to a newer, lighter model. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice performance. Nowadays there are many efficient lightweight vacuum cleaners available. It is also a good idea to purchase a rechargeable dust buster to clean steps. There is no need to strain your muscles hauling a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs.

If your home has two or more levels, consider getting a second vacuum cleaner for the same reason. Store one upstairs and one downstairs. It is advisable to also keep a set of your basic cleaning supplies on each level of the house. This will eliminate going up and down the stairs multiple times when you are in the middle of cleaning.

Once you have all your cleaning supplies, sit down and make a plan. The reason for writing down your tasks is simple: you want to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Larger tasks need to be written down in smaller steps. If your goal is to clean the kitchen, write down the individual jobs such as cleaning the microwave, mopping the floor, cleaning the stove etc. Tasks should be done in a logical order. For example, washing your counter after cleaning appliances, and mopping the floor last would be a good strategy.

It is perfectly acceptable to take breaks as you clean, however you should only do so after an individual chore has been completed. Taking breaks will allow you to restore your energy level, while completing a task first keeps you focused.

Do not attempt to clean your whole house in one day. Instead, learn how to set priorities. Areas that are immediately noticeable to visitors should take precedence over areas like closets.

Once you have a clean house, it will be easier to maintain if you follow some simple guidelines. These include putting your clothes where they belong right away, instead of just putting them on a chair or on the floor. The same goes for dirty dishes. Don’t leave them out just because you don’t feel like putting them in the sink or dishwasher. At first it may seem hard to follow a new pattern, but it does not take long at all to see the rewards.


There are some other things to keep in mind. When purchasing furniture in the future, try to buy items that are functional as well as decorative. For example, coffee and side tables with drawers are good choices, as they allow for extra storage.

A clean and organized house creates a relaxing environment, which is even more important for people with health issues.