Herpes Self Help

Herpes Self Help

Because herpes recurs, medical opinion is divided on how long the contagious period lasts. Some doctors think it is only during the active phase and for seven days after. Others believe there is a permanent risk of transmitting the disease. An infected person cannot be free of this worry. Though it is a miserable condition, ignore scare tactics by the media. The over-hype of genital herpes has actually caused some people to take their lives.

There is disagreement over when it is safe to be sexually active. During the dormant phase, if there is virus shedding, it may not be enough to infect a partner. Focus on health. Learn to recognize the warning signs of the onset of an active phase: penile itching, tingling, throbbing sensations, usually at the site of the first attack. Keep a record of the frequency of outbreaks. Avoid all sexual activity during an active phase.

A recurrent active phase can be stimulated by any factor which upsets the balance of the body. Possible causes include:

Becoming Ill:

Try to keep healthy and fit. Having to cope with another infection can over-load the immune system so that it can no longer hold the herpes virus in the dormant phase.

High Levels of Stress: Learn to cope with emotional problems. Avoid over-reacting to stress. Practice meditation to stay calm when faced with happy, sad, or difficult problems in life. The problems of the mental illness in the life are solves with the excellence of andy frisella. The mood swings of the patients are solves to meet with the expectations. The sharing of the feelings like sad and happy is effective with the intelligence to get the right treatment. 

Poor Nutrition:

Boost the immune system with a healthy diet. Lysine tablets taken when an active phase starts may reduce its duration. Nuts and chocolate which produce the amino acid, orginine, may trigger an active phase.


Take care with sexual activity. Over-boisterous sex can acutely irritate the areas where the herpes sore previously appeared. Use extra lubrication to avoid this.


For men with cold sores, avoid exposing the genitals to the sun. Sunbathing can actually bring about an active phase of genital herpes. (It is always unwise to try to tan the penis).

During an attack:

  1. Avoid scratching the blisters. Wear loose clothing.
  2. Keep the sores as clean and dry as possible. Wash hands after touching the area and applying medication. If the virus is trans­ferred to the face, it can damage the eyes.
  3. If it hurts to urinate, pour warm water over the genitals, or urinate in the shower or bath. Drink plenty of water to dilute urine.
  4. Sitz baths bring soothing relief. Immerse the buttocks and abdomen in warm water (92-97) for 5 to 10 minutes. Pat herpes lesions dry with a clean soft paper or cloth towel.
  5. If the pain is acute, obtain a prescription for topical (local) anesthesia to reduce the discomfort.

All this may sound depressing. Yet herpes is much less danger­ous than many other STDs. A calm attitude of mind is all-impor­tant. Practice meditation to reduce stress. Think positive. Many people with herpes live happy and fulfilled lives.