Hello Canada, Welcome To The Real World

Hello Canada! I am glad you understand.

Canada is not happy about all the Mexicans heading their way. Seems they are having to pay for their way, including food, housing and health care. I sure am tickled you finally understand our problem down here in Texas and all over the US. We appreciate your wanting to help out. Our coffers are about empty from supporting so many of them.

Plus everyone is saying how rotten we are for not helping more to and take care of these people. It is about time you begin to understand why the US has had enough of immigrates that sneak into our country.

I just heard today that Canada is getting thousands of Mexicans and other illegal aliens that manage to get though the US who are looking for a free ride and your system has a loop hole that says you must take care of them. Well, welcome to the club!!!

We down here in the lower part of North America are about broke, not to mention so many of them are criminals that even their own countries doesn’t want. Just maybe if other countries are having the problem we can do something to change the laws that say these people can ride free.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the Canadians. They are experiencing what we have been going through for ages and have had rocks thrown at us for complaining about. Florida is now using their local police to deport illegals they find breaking the laws. So is Texas and a few other states. Cities are getting tired of paying for all the new born kids that are being born in this country by people who cross our borders with out a legal means. Then their kids claim they are United States citizens.

They cry you can split up families by sending the ones that got here crossing the deserts and rivers with out an invitation. As far a I’m concerned if they had no legal right to be here their kids should not be being born here either and if they are they have no right to be a citizen.

Oh I do understand they want a better life. I can’t blame them for wanting that, but I can tell you if they want it, DO NOT sneak in and have your kids here to try to get it. The US needs to change the law about kids being born here are citizens. Yes, we are supposed to be a country of all kinds of people but let us remember the Irish, Germans, Polish and Russians for the most part all came in legally.

They are trying to take our country away from us. They want us to speak their language, don’t respect our flag, and hand them a silver invitation to come here so let us take care of them. Now Canada is getting a bit of a taste for what is happening here in the lower 48 states.

They have protests and wave the Mexican flag. We send their kids to school, force our teachers to learn their language, and treat them like they were guests. They are not guests, they are law breakers. If we were in their country do you think their laws would protect us if we did the same things they do? Not hardly. No one but Mexicans can own land in Mexico. They sure don’t bend over backwards to learn our ways.

If they want to be US Citizens, then why are they asking us to learn their ways, sing our national anthem in Spanish and why are we having to punch one when we call on the phone to get the English language? They don’t want to be a part of our nations or yours Canada. They want to take over your country and ours and if you don’t wwatch it they will over run you like they have been us.

I have no problems with people who come here legally and want to be a part of our world. However, I do with those who have with those who have no right to be here anyway. and

If they are hungry, so are lots of people in this country that are US citizens too. Why should we worry about all the foreigners when we have starving people of our own that don’t get anything handed to them? The reviews of the best immigration law firm in Toronto¬†will be excellent at the search engines. It will provide information about the working strategy for visa of the immigration lawyer firm.

If you look at the crime rates in California, Texas, Florida and other place, most of the crimes are being committed by these same people who supposedly came her looking for a better life. Well, they aren’t looking for a better life, they are looking for a hand out and I for one am fed up with them. Let them get a handout in their own country and go back home.