Healthy Foods that Won’t Break the Bank

Healthy Foods that Won’t Break the Bank

These days with food prices rising, Americans are looking for healthy foods that won’t break the bank. The average grocery cost for a family of four has risen some 20 percent over the years and this packs an alarming punch in the belly when it comes to the old “what’s for dinner?” scenario. So what is for dinner? Or breakfast? When your wallet needs a break from the spending, consider offering these healthy foods to your entire family to reduce your grocery bill without sacrificing your family’s overall health! What more helpful is that you do Food Intolerance Test to learn about your food habits. This will save you a lot on your medical bills since you will get to know about food items that are not good for your body.

Healthy Foods that Won’t Break the Bank: Baby Carrots: Baby Carrots make a great snack any time of day. Serve them with ranch dressing for a tasty treat that costs only twenty cents per serving. For a family of four, that’s a mere 80 cents, making carrots right on top of the list of foods that won’t break the bank.

Health Foods that Won’t Break the Bank: Beans: Whether you purchase canned beans or dried beans, they are both very low cost. Beans are filling and they tend to be an excellent source of protein and fiber. Depending on the types of beans that you serve, these healthy foods can also pack tons of antioxidants into the body as well. For less than 25 cents per serving, beans are an excellent addition to casseroles, stews and even salads.

Healthy Foods that Won’t Break the Bank: Apples: Apples are a great source of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. These low-calorie fruits make great salad toppers, add a crisp crunch to fruit salads and taste great plain. For an added treat that doesn’t tack on too much cost serve apple slices with peanut butter for additional protein. Apples typically cost about $1 each and can be sliced in half to accommodate two people if served with peanut butter.

Healthy Foods that Won’t Break the Bank: Tomatoes: Canned or fresh, tomatoes have many health benefits such as antioxidants, fibers, and they are low in calories. They have been found to reduce the risks of many types of cancer and they taste great too! Typically, canned tomatoes are cheaper than fresh tomatoes and they do have the added benefit of being easy to use in just about any type of stew or soup as well as various pasta. Most of the time you can serve tomatoes with a meal for less than 30 cents per serving, or about $1.20 for a four-person family.

Healthy Foods that Won’t Break the Bank: Pasta: Although pasta are high in carbohydrates, in moderation pasta is good for you. Pasta can be purchased for very low cost and they are filling which makes them an added money saver. Pair a pasta up with a can of tomatoes and some beans for a vegetarian spaghetti that can feed an entire family of four for under $4. Now that’s a money saver!

Health Foods that Won’t Break the Bank: Yogurt: Yogurt contains active cultures that aid in digestion it is high in calcium. Low-fat yogurt is especially good for you because it contains the high amounts of calcium that are necessary for bone growth and retention without the added fat increases the risk of obesity. You can use yogurt to make your own smoothies with fresh fruit or you can use it to make dips for fruits and vegetables. Yogurt typically costs around $3.20 to serve a family of four but the health benefits are excellent.