Guide in Boosting your Rifle’s Shooting Accuracy

Guide in Boosting your Rifle’s Shooting Accuracy

This is the simplest do it yourself way to make your rifle shoot better than you could believe. Using high quality scopes from is helpful as well.

The first step you should do is get a wide variety of ammunition to try out. This is to find out which round works best in your weapon. Save your best target you’ll need it later.

Method 1 Floating the barrel.

This is an easy project. Which can never hurt to do. This is when you make only the reciever and nothing else touch the barrel. Most newer rifles with synthetic stock’s already had this done from the factory. But how you check to see is take a dollar bill or a piece of paper, wrap it around the barrel and slide it all the way down to the reciever, if it does not slide between the barrel and the stock, heres what you do.

Disassemble the rifle and take a piece of sand paper and sand the stock where the barrl restsuntil you believe the dollar bill will slide up and down without restriction. Reassemble it and check to make sure. This may take a few times to get it correct.

The pupose of this is to let the barrel flex and move with the round thats being fired.When a round is fired the barrel goes through a process called oscillation which means the barrel twists as the round travels through the bore. Once you’ve elliminated the friction of the stock touching the barrel, this makes it free float from the stock.

In return greatly improves accuracy.

Method 2 Crowning the muzzle.

This is for fine tuning your shot. The end of the barrel is called the muzzle, around the muzzle is the crown. This process is done mainly to older rifles because the muzzle gets wore out from improper cleaning, the cleaning rod rubs the rifling grooves away. But this can be done several ways. Option A is take it to a gunsmith and let them do it. Or option B is do it yourself. There are a couple of ways to do this yourself, depending on how bad your rifle needs this process done. The way to check is look at the muzzle. Can you see the grooves of the rifling ,if yes this process doesn’t apply to you, if no follow closely and be carefull, for this very important not to screw up. But don’t worry too bad if you do because the process can be repeated to fix your mistake.

First I’ll explain why you do this. When the bullet exits the muzzle any imperfection will deflect the round a stray from your target. This process fixes that problem.

One way is to use a fine metal file to file down the crown of the muzzle until the grooves of the rifling are visable, then with real fine sand paper clean the burrs of the inside and outside of the muzzle. Repeat with emry cloth.

Another way for real badly wore out muzzles is to use a hack-saw to cut a small portion of the barrel off. then use your sand paper and emry cloth to clean the burrs.

Method 3 Cleaning

Always clean your gun after every shooting this is the for sure way to keep it as accurate as possible.

Now go shooting, don’t forget to take your old target for comparison, once your done, compare your old target with your new one, I garentee it’ll be alot better than the old one.

Well, have fun, be carefull and keep it in the ten range.