Great Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Sites in and Around the Philippines

Great Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Sites in and Around the Philippines

Anyone that has ever gone diving in the Philippines knows just how numerous the diving locations are. Virtually every point with water around the country has a great spot for finding great variety of sights. With an incredible diversity of tropical sea life it is definitely a diving paradise. In fact, the diving in the Philippines is so good that it is difficult to find a bad spot and even more difficult to pin point those spots that are typically the best for overall diving. This guide will attempt to point out some of the better scuba diving locations throughout the country so regardless of your location it shouldn’t be hard to access one of them. 


Diving here is permitted throughout the year, but normally the best time to dive is going to be between November and June. This is because the water is often less visible during the typhoon season throughout the summer to early fall. It is best to simply avoid diving during that time of year as often it isn’t going to provide the best quality dive. 

In Batangas one of the absolute best dive locations is Layag-Layag Reef. In this area it is possible to see considerable sea life as this is home to a really wonderful reef. The water here is also pretty shallow so it makes for some easier diving for the less experienced scuba diver. If a deeper water experience is desired there are located with nice drop offs that allow for a little deeper exploring along the reef for the more experienced divers. 

Sombrero Island is another area that can be great for divers. It provides something different than Layag-Layag Reef as it is filled with sea turtles and rays. There are also numerous large fish in the area as well. Great place to go to see a little bit different variety than the smaller colorful fish at Layag-Layag. 


Just like Batangas the best time of year for diving here is simply anytime that isn’t during the typhoon season. Most divers say that the best diving is going to be between November and May. 

Concepcion Wreck is one of the best dive sites in the entire country. This area is great for those that enjoy a little bit of history in their diving. The wreck is in a great location that allows for easy access. It is the remains of a sunken Japanese vessel from World War 2. The remains provide a great artificial home for numerous different sea creatures. Normally there is quite a bit of diversity here. 

In an area called Brown Rock it is possible to find difference species of shark. For those divers looking to see some hammerhead this is a great dive location. It is called Brown Rock because of two large brown rocks that are relatively barren. That area is also known to be home to numerous other varieties of larger fish. It is a great location for divers looking for more variety than simply looking around the numerous coral reefs around the country. 


This is one of the best dive areas for dive diversity. It provides numerous different types of dives for those looking to get a great deal of variety out of their diving. The season again is like the other areas around the country, typically outside of typhoon season. 

The best place in Dakak to dive for star fish and a wide variety of coral creatures is Liuay Rock. In this area there are numerous different species of star fish in a variety of different colors and appearances. Great place to get up close to the star fish and really have a good look at them. This dive spot is also a good location for beginners that are looking to get a good experience without the risk of some of the other areas in Dakak and the rest of the Philippines. 

If cave exploring is a little more your thing, then the Caves located along with Mushroom Wall is a great area to visit. In this area nice drops with numerous caves provide for a great means of exploring a variety of crustaceans that are visible only in the darker areas of the caves. There are also numerous different types of fish and of course the puffer fish is normally found in quantity in this area. 

For the beginner diver there is an area called The Gardens where coral is extremely abundant. Due to the clarity of the water here it is best enjoyed with nothing more than a snorkel. This is a great area for those that are just beginning diving and are still working on the fundamentals. It is a great area to really see what the country has to offer in the water without having to take on all that much risk to find it and is a great place to bring the family for a safe little diving trip. 

One of the best sites in the area is the Octopus Wall. Just like the name suggests there are numerous spottings of different types of octopus in this area. The walls are also covered with sponge and numerous different types of fish are found swarming in this area. It is a great location to really see a diversity of life and a wonderful area for those that really enjoy the seemingly effortless movement of the octopus. Grouper are pretty common in this area as well and can grow to be fairly large here. 

To sum up, these are just a few of the best websites for scuba diving and snorkeling and you can choose the best as per you preference but don’t always go by the reviews and apply your own mind and select the one which catches your fancy and choose the best equipments as per your needs and requirements. Also, go through the latest articles that highlight a new full face snorkeling mask in all its glory, which has been lapped up by snorkelers for its unique features.