Fantastic Gaming Website You Must Check Out Immediately

Fantastic Gaming Website You Must Check Out Immediately

While some flash game sites only let you play the games, there is one site that allows for so much more. If you want a website that is easy to navigate, allows you to talk to fellow gamers, has a friendly staff, and several bonuses built right in, come to Kongregate.

Thing is, this site is best for flash games online. So, you can’t play big games such as Dota and get dota 2 boosting using this site.

Why Kongregate, you ask? Let’s say that you want to play a flash game. Just go to addictinggames, miniclip, or one of the many other alternatives. Play your game, get some enjoyment out of it, and then continue on. With Kongregate, however, there are a few benefits.

First off, the points system. Every time you rate a game, uploading games (which I’ll get to later), and referring friends. The final and most important way is badges. If you have heard of achievements on the Xbox 360 or trophies on the Playstation 3, you’ll have a good idea of what I’m talking about already. For those who don’t understand, a badge is given when the player achieves a milestone in a certain game. There are 4 different levels of badges, including Easy, worth 5 points, Medium, worth 15 points, Hard, worth 30 points, and Impossible badges, which are worth a whopping 60 points. Getting points increases your level, which will give players future benefits. The most recent benefit was being allowed into the beta of the game “Remnants of Skystone”, the timing of which depended on levels.

Next, there’s the chat system. There are many chat rooms, and there are always people on ready for a discussion. At the time of this writing, there were over 200 people in every English-speaking chat room, and that’s on a Tuesday afternoon. For instance, I just got off track from writing this because I spent 20 minutes translating the titles of songs from Latin into English. Back on topic, the majority of the users are interesting and nice human beings, and there are a plethora of Moderators for those who aren’t.

Another game feature that has been integrated into the website is Kongai, or Kongregate’s trading card game. Recent games will have cards that are able to be won in a similar fashion to badges, and are then able to be integrated into your deck.

Finally, there’s the games. Kongregate has its own system for keeping track of certain numbers, allowing leaderboards to be integrated into the games quickly and easily. You can upload your own games, and will get points based on its ratings. The players can even donate funds toward your game, using “Kreds,” the site’s revenue. And, of course, there are lots of games, of many types. And many of the best have badges, only adding to the fun.

So for a website that has not only games, but so much more, Kongregate should be your choice. So go over and sign up now, especially if you already play flash games online. If not, now is a great time to discover this world, and have more fun doing so than you might have before. Just mention that I (Junkle) referred you, and get ready to go.