Face Painting- A Pool Of Art With A Dash of Skill

Face Painting- A Pool Of Art With A Dash of Skill

An artist is considered to be the most creative person in existence. But why is it so? What talent does an artist possess that others do not? How can other great talents that have walked on the face of this earth be overlooked over a mere artist?

First of all lets get to know what or, rather, who exactly an artist is. By definition, an artist is an individual who is always immersed in some art form or the other like painting, drawing, sculpting or singing as a profession but also taking it up as a hobby.

An artist is considered genuine and true to his form because he is always doing things that he loves in a passionate, dedicated and committed way. He is extremely loyal to his craft form, unlike people into business and employees who are doing their jobs more out of selfish interest as it provides them monetary gains or awards/rewards.

The artist does it with devotion that comes straight from the heart and only what comes from the heart has the capacity to touch the hearts of others.

Face Painting is also a similar form of art as it requires creativity and innovation so as not to look repetitive and monotonous. It provides you with a platform to display your skills in craft that not only reflects your passion but also benefits you financially.

Here, this topic is about how you are going to face paint a clown in order to make him look funny and amusing to entertain the audience.

Given below are some important steps on how exactly you face paint a clown:

  • Apply white face paint on the eyelids after purchasing the items online.
  • Use the brush that is easy to hold and very thin for painting the mouth.
  • Red face pain is for the cheeks where you switch to sponge.
  • Highlight a circle in red on the nose tip
  • Black color for the face and forehead