Does Social Media Really Help Your Business

Does Social Media Really Help Your Business

People have questioned whether social media does or doesn’t result in sales for as long as it’s been around. What people are finding recently is a big increase in social commerce, because companies can track “return on investment” for time and money invested in social media. It’s becoming more accepted to use social media for a business aspect which is why you see so many “like us on Facebook” or “follow us on twitter” phrases thrown around. This is evidence that it’s working. We’re going to show you how social media could potentially help your business in this week’s blog.

In a recent study from Gartner, an online research firm, they showed the connection between social media marketing and ROI (return on investment). According to the study, social media revenue was on track to reach $10.3 billion by the end 2011, which is a 41 percent increase from 2010 ($7.3 billion). The study also says social media revenue is expected to grow just as explosively in 2012, where social media marketing revenue is estimated to reach 14.9 billion dollars. It’s expected that growth from social media marketing will be around $29.1 billion, by the year 2015. These are huge numbers, and they’re real proof that social media is becoming equally important as the advertising we are all used to. To really blow your mind, around 4 million dollars was spent in the past several years on social media advertising, which means all the companies combined have spent about 4 million dollars and profited over 50 billion dollars. You don’t see ratios even close to that from television marketing.

Numbers don’t do it for everyone so here is list of reasons why social media is helping businesses:

You build customer loyalty Proof that people value your advice, posts, and blogs People are frequently on Facebook, how better to reach out then by advertising on their “newsfeed” The ability to broadcast locally to as broad as internationally Direct campaigns can be supported and promoted Promote conversation and get direct feedback or references from customers/followers Live events can be promoted with the push of button and as many times as you want.

The information proves that many marketers and social media marketing companies are seeing results from using social media and following what is becoming a common practice. How about you? Are you using social media and if so how has it helped your business? If you aren’t taking advantage of this tool that is freely provided to you then we strongly advise you to. At Social Media Maxima we specialize in all aspects of social media, and we understand that running a business is enough work on it’s own. Those numbers are big but who has the time to post/advertise for their company all day? This is what we do and we do it well, contact us for a free consultation, it’s time your business got a piece of the pie.

The more the number of followers, the more authoritative and reliable the videos look. That is why it is essential to Buy Youtube Views/Subscribers. This gives a push to other audiences to tap on subscribe option after viewing the number of likes. Fewer views are a downturn in the YouTube platform.