Diy Guide On Installing Pet Door In Glass Door

Diy Guide On Installing Pet Door In Glass Door

Installing a pet door in your glass door can be helpful for your pets to move in and out as and when it needs. A dog door gives your pup the freedom to roam around in your premises freely. Installing a pet door is not a very easy task though, particularly when you are looking to do it yourself. However with a little guidance you can install it on your own.

DIY guide to installing a dog door:

  1. Know the measurements

First things first, you should know approximate measurements of your pet. This helps you to get idea of the size of the pet door you are looking to buy.

  1. Know the type of glass on your door

It is further important to know whether your glass door is single pane or double pane. A single pane glass is easier to cut and work through than a double pane one.

  1. Choose your dog door design

Certain dog doors are easier to install compared to others. You might want to weigh your options depending on the size. Patio pet door options for example, do not need any tool to install.

  1. Use a putty knife for the initial glass removal

With the help of a putty knife to remove all 4 glass stops and then separate glazing tape between the glass and the frame. This helps to remove the glass from the frame. Be careful to not drop the freed glass unit. Then using the same knife, scrape off the old glazing tape from the frame.

  1. Place the pet door frame inside the door panel frame

Apply new glazing tape in the door panel frame. Then insert the bottom of the pet door unit, then the rest of it by applying pressure from bottom to top. Finish off by tapping the glass stops back into place.