Different Types Of Masks That Are Worth Considering For Buying

Different Types Of Masks That Are Worth Considering For Buying

Apart from protective measures, like physical and social distancing ad proper hand hygiene, facial masks are also an affordable, easy and effective method to stay safe and flatten the curve of COVID-19 pandemic. Health agencies and doctors are now encouraging people to use face coverings and wear face masks when going out in public. But, which type of face mask you should buy to avoid the virus transmission when out in public. Continue reading the post to know the different facial masks and which one to wear for maximum protection. It will help you Buy Masks on Pandemic Pal to stay protected and safe.  

Respirator Masks

Seal-tested and well-fitted respirator masks are made out of tangled fibres that are efficient in filtering out the air’s pathogens. The respirator masks meet all the standards of filtration set by NIOSH. The mask is designed, keeping in mind the diameter of coronavirus, which is 125nm, and it is certified to filter up to 95% particles that are between 100-300nm in size. 

Surgical Mask

Different types of surgical masks are available in the market. Single-use, disposable masks are rectangular masks with pleats that expand to offer full mouth, nose, and jawline coverage. It is designed with breathable synthetic fabric. But it lacks to meet the filtration standards set by NIOSH. It can filter pathogens in the air up to 90% only. 

Cloth Masks

DIY cloth masks are another common type of facial mask that is less effective in protecting the users because it has gaps near the cheeks, nose and jawline from where the users can inhale the small droplets. Plus, the fabric used for designing the mask is also porous and can’t filter out the droplets. 

These are some of the common types of face masks that you may consider wearing to stay protected and safe while out in public. It is important to Buy Masks on Pandemic Pal to stay protected from the virus and infection.