Conflict In A Relationship How To Handle Relationship Conflicts

Conflict In A Relationship How To Handle Relationship Conflicts

Conflict in a relationship is inevitable. Some couples are in conflict most of the time, while others have very few situations like that. Ironically, both couples have what it takes to keep these flare-ups to a minimum and low-key. The difference is in not only learning how to resolve the conflict but to put that information to use when tempers are hot.

Conflict In A Relationship – The Family Inheritance

People have a tendency to learn how to resolve conflict in a relationship by growing up watching and imitating their family members. Yelling, screaming, throwing things, slamming doors, bringing up past issues, playing the blame game is the normal way for them. Put two individuals together in a relationship who think this way, and you have a very, hostile, angry, hateful, condemning, relationship. Now, let’s put children into this situation, so they can learn from mom and dad. Very good! When the kids grow up, they are going to deal with issues in their relationships just like their parents.

Conflict In A Relationship – Stop And Talk

The cycle won’t stop until someone decides to make a change in their life, decides to learn a new way of dealing with the conflict in a relationship, and actually putting that information into practice. It takes education (learning), it takes practice (not easy to do when you are angry or hurt), and it takes putting the relationship above the conflict. Couples who want their relationship to work will work on their relationship by developing the skills necessary to make it work. Relationships are hard. Men and women have different ways of looking at situations. You learn what they are by talking to each other on a regular basis.

What if one person wants to learn and make the changes, but the other refuses? Well, chances are really good this relationship will eventually deteriorate until one or both decide it’s time to call it quits. The one who does the learning will have a much better chance at a successful relationship the next time around, especially if they choose a partner who also thinks like them when it comes to dealing with conflict in a relationship. And, how do you know? Well, both individuals will have learned that communication is one of the top priorities in a healthy relationship and they will have been communicating with each other from the very beginning.

Conflict In A Relationship – New Rules

The rules for communicating with another person, especially when there is a serious conflict in a relationship, is one person talks about what they think the issue really is. They give their idea of what should be done to resolve it and talk about what they are feeling about this disagreement. This sounds fairly easy but is incredibly difficult because most people, men and some women, cannot express their feelings. Saying “I feel…” instead of “You made me mad so I…”, is very, very hard. In discussions like this, individuals need to remember to use the “I” statement rather than the “you” in sentences.

While person No. 1 is talking, person No. 2 is “LISTENING”. They are NOT thinking of what they are going to say as soon as person No. 1 finishes. As a matter of fact, they are going to repeat what person No. 1 just said. Why? Because many times in the shouting matches that follow, someone will be yelling or screaming “That’s not what I said!”, “That’s not what I meant!”, “You twist everything I say around!” To avoid this, person No. 2 is going to repeat what person No. 1 said to make sure there is no misunderstanding. If there was something misunderstood, person No. 1 can calmly correct their partner.

Now, person No. 2 talks and goes through the same process of describing what they think the problem is and what should be done about it, and they use “I” statements in sentences instead of “You” statements. After they get finished, person No. 1 repeats what they said to make sure they did not misunderstand what was said.

Most people will read this and think “that’s stupid”, “this is bunk”. They will think no one acts like this in an argument – maybe they’re right! However, those who do try to resolve issues in a fairly calm, rational manner using good communication skills, will have the most successful relationship. Not only that, but they will have an intimacy in their relationship that others only wish they had.

Conflict In A Relationship – Past, Present, And Future

The thing is, you are the product of your upbringing and your experience. All the negative emotions are part of that and changing your thinking about how to resolve a conflict can be difficult and in some cases impossible, to begin with, because the “old” way of fighting is very strong. This is where it is extremely important to give the change time because anything, over time, good or bad, will finally become a habit. And if you think there is no point in moving forward in your relationship then you should immediately get out of it and move on with your life as there are Beautiful Outcall Girls waiting just for you. 

Conflict In A Relationship – New Beginning

The important questions to ask are: Am I really happy living like this? What can I do to change? Where can I get this information? Notice, these are about “you” not the other person, they have to make their own decisions. You can never change another person to be the way you want them to be! You can only change yourself. However, once you change, many times the other person will change as the result of your change. Strange isn’t it? But it is true.