Composite Decking- The Best Alternative For Your Backyard

Composite Decking- The Best Alternative For Your Backyard

Having your own house has become a distant dream nowadays and there are different reasons for it. What the phrase ‘own house’ means in current times is not the one which is owned by your parents but the one that you have bought with your own hard earned money.

Inflation rate has sky rocketed in the past few years and it is the middle class that has to bear the brunt of paying taxes for both the rich and poor due to the former paying very little or none at all and the latter not being able to pay it due to not having a well paid job to make ends meet.

But those who are privileged to have a house they can call home would naturally want it to look the best of all and one that everyone would sing songs of praise for it. But is that all? What is the best thing to do to make your house look great?

The answer for that is composite decking, which can be called a substitute for timber and made from recycled scrap of wood and plastic and if it is done in the backyard, then it would be the icing on the cake.

8 reasons why composite decking is best:

  • For one, it cost maintenance is quite low compared to decking standards and is free from rot and termites for a longer period of time than timer
  • As it is recycled, it is also eco friendly in nature and timber is relegated to manufacturing
  • The supply cost is also low, depending on length and breadth, due to which you can save more
  • It is used for marine purposes like swimming, lakes, sailing, etc.

  • It can be installed easily as composite decking boards are lightweight
  • The designs are of different varieties and it would be hard to tell plastic and wood apart
  • The fixings at the surface corner give it a shiny look
  • Being large in size than timber, the cost of installation is also very low