Complete Guide On Object Detection And Its Various Features

Complete Guide On Object Detection And Its Various Features

Object detection is basically the process of finding all the authentic world images like the flowers, human-faced, and other objects that are available in the environment. This is a technique that helps a person in understanding the object in a better way. If we talk about object detection, then in the past few years, it has gone through the two development periods.

One was the traditional object detection that was in the year 2000 to 2014.

Another period was deep learning-based detection that was probably after 2014.

Concept of object detection

As we all know, everything on the earth has some unique features; these features only help in the detection of the object in the perfect manner. Similarly, the object detection is the mode that uses some of these features in order to do the classification of the object. Therefore, there are some of the terms that are related to object detection about which we will discuss in steps:

  • Computer vision

This is the field of artificial intelligence that trains the computer in such a way to understand and interpret the images and also the videos using the models.

  • Image classification

This is the second step; in this step, the detection of the image dataset gitHub is done using the artificial intelligence. Then, the classification of the images is done based on the various features.

  • Object localization

In this step, detection of different objects and then draw boundaries among them in the form of a box so that classification can be done.

  • Object detection

This involves all the two processes, first of all, classification of the object and secondly drawing the boundary around each object so that proper detection can be done.

These are some of the features of the object recognition process.