Boosting Brand Marketing by Using Top Social Media Sites today

Boosting Brand Marketing by Using Top Social Media Sites today

So you have created a website for your business and a blog where you post original articles in your niche as often as you can. You’ve got engaging content and quality products or services that are promoted professionally, and you are ready to apply social media tools to reach more possible customers. And by social media, I mean Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. But how do you approach these three platforms? How to use them in order to create buzz and credibility? Is there any secret formula that you need to learn?

The truth is there is no secret formula no matter what the “social media experts” tell you. And they can recommend some ridiculous things, like first creating a strategy with goals, milestones and expected results that you should follow step-by-step until you achieve success. And you will achieve success, they say, because there’s no way such a well-developed strategy won’t work. Of course, this kind of advice sounds ridiculous. It overlooks the most important aspect of social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are free-flowing, ever-changing and malleable for every person’s style. What may work for someone may not work for you. On these platforms, you interact with people, and people are unpredictable. You cannot know what they want to read, what makes them get involved and what makes them “like” you and come back for more. You learn these things in time, and this means it’s nearly impossible to build a precise strategy.

Hence, consider hiring Fresh Crowd for professional social media advertising instead. These are experts who can modify your social media marketing campaign towards success. That’s by considering delicate factors social media has among its users.

I do not call myself a “social media expert” because, honestly, I would never be able to give anyone advice or tell you how to go about using Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. What I can do is tell you how I use them, and hope that you will think some of my methods are worth applying.

Let’s start with Facebook, because everyone is on this social media platform, interacting, making friends and spreading the word about great websites and blogs. I see Facebook as a picture economy. Mainly, here I post pictures that I think are worth sharing and discussing. My readers post to trigger conversations with people and that turns Facebook into a kind of forum. It’s the best way of keeping in touch with readers and hearing their opinions. It is easier for me to post pictures, content and respond to people. For me, Facebook is very active, while I consider Twitter more reactive.

On Twitter, my main goal is to find great content to post every day. Whether it’s an article written by me or an article found on the Internet, as long as it is in my niche and it is professional and informative, I post it. So I see Twitter as a link economy. On Twitter, it is easy to earn credit if you only post things that you consider genuinely interesting. I’ve got thousands of followers who re-tweet my links because they see me as an expert in my niche and trust me.

As for Google+, no one really knows what works on it. Everyone is trying to experiment and see how it can be used to promote a business. I can easily compare it with the Wild Wild West. I just post a picture or a video and I can get up to hundreds of comments. I respond to comments, interact with people, let them know that I am an approachable, open-minded person, and what I get in return is more comments. This is why I can say I love Google+ more than the other two platforms. But, of course, each of them has its own advantages.

Now that I’ve told you how I use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to build credibility, should I encourage you to take my advice and do exactly as I do? No, because I can’t tell if my methods will work for you. Actually, all you can do is post great links, pictures, and videos and see what happens. Learn what your readers want to see, figure out which platform suits your needs best, and concentrate on that one.