Blackhat Seo: The Dark Side Of Seo Marketing

Blackhat Seo: The Dark Side Of Seo Marketing

Blackhat search engine optimization (SEO) is an area that generates lots of interest from website owners the world over. While many webmasters despise the techniques by black-hatters, just as many website owners feel that black SEO techniques are the best way to get ahead in the enormous sea that is the internet. My personal opinion is that blackhat SEO is only good temporarily. Websites using blackhat SEO techniques will eventually be banned by search engines. However, used properly, blackhat SEO techniques can be very effective for a fairly long time.

Since search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is all about getting one’s website listed at or near the top of various search engines (Google being the most important search engine of the bunch), it behooves every website owner to understand and use all tools available to him to accomplish this. Blackhat SEO techniques, despite how some webmasters feel, are effective SEO tools that should at least be investigated by webmasters. Even if a webmaster does not agree with, nor want to use blackhat SEO techniques, he must understand such techniques or else they can hire Fresno SEO to take care of their SEO needs. Why? If the competition is using a particular tool (blackhat SEO, in this case), how can a webmaster “defeat” it without knowing how it works or what its capabilities are?

Let’s assume I run a website called and my competitor runs We both sell widgets so we presumably use pretty much the same keywords to optimize our websites. However, for some reason, my competitor’s site consistently ranks on the first page of Google while my site almost always turns up on page 95. Who do you think is going to sell more widgets?

As a responsible citizen of the internet, I use only white hat SEO techniques. My competitor,, uses some pretty powerful blackhat SEO techniques in the form of doorway pages in addition to his normal whitehat SEO tactics. While I may have a warm and fuzzy feeling because I’m a good internet citizen and I follow all of the “rules”, my competition is literally crushing me because nobody ever sees my website in any of the search results! Is this good for business? It probably is not.

If I were an SEO consultant in this scenario, I would suggest to myself that I at least investigate what doorway pages are and how this blackhat SEO technique works. If I do not understand how something works, I can never expect to compete with it. It’s really that simple.

If you are involved at any level in search engine optimization or even internet marketing in general, do yourself a huge favor and at least understand what blackhat SEO is.