Best Hanging Fireplaces Available For Stylish Small Rooms

Best Hanging Fireplaces Available For Stylish Small Rooms

Fireplaces are a necessity for homeowners living in countries experiencing extreme cold climate for comfort and warmth. Fireplaces need space in the living room, which makes it difficult to invest in one.

Fortunately, there have been great developments in designing fireplaces, which can make your small living space look stylish and functional.

Hanging fireplaces are available in a traditional and contemporary style. You even get to choose an open or closed hearth product that burns using gas, electricity, bioethanol, and wood.

Best designer built-in and hanging fireplace ideas to incorporate

  • Two-sided solution

Install a slim fireplace customized to fit in-between spaces.

You can enjoy the fireplace from different angles.

  • Slim fireplace

Have a slim fireplace installed as a partition between the dining and kitchen area.

Keeping it open on all three sides will supply warmth from every angle.

  • Simple and neat

Have a fireplace with sleek lines integrated into a sidewall.

A sculpted façade and curved finish looks simple and not.

  • Fusion

Fuse two units to save space.

You get a floating fireplace that looks stunning in a recessed area.

  • Suspended rotating fireplace

You can check the mid-century fireplace with an elegant twist. They are compact stoves, which look great in the open or placed in the corner.

The minimalist design complements any modern interior. The extra function is these hanging fireplaces rotate 360° and supplies heat to every area around the room.