Beginning A Blog: Dental &Amp; Medical Blogging Tips

Beginning A Blog: Dental &Amp; Medical Blogging Tips

One of the scariest things for many of us from a very young age is our first trips to the doctor or dentist. Most of us outgrow these fears but for some of us these fears remain deep-seeded. Medical offices are usually also kind of bland and monolithic. The imposing nature of a doctors office or a dentists office can be quite striking. Add in with that the prospects of needles and drills and most of us don’t want anything to do with either of these places.

Still, go to them we must; even when it may be against our will. In order to combat these stereotypes of seeming inhuman or at the very least unapproachable many in the medical and dental fields have taken to blogging. But what does this mean for patients and for doctors and dentists? How should something as authoritative and official as a medical professional approach something as casual and off-the-cuff as blogging? Here are a few dental  amp; medical blogging tips.

Invite Them In: One of the first dental  amp; medical blogging tips is that you’ve got to be inviting to the patients. For regular bloggers the challenge is a little bit different; they have to give people a reason to seek them out. For doctors and dentists these patients already have a reason to seek out these blogs; their own health. But the medical or dental blog has got to seem warm and inviting and that goes back to the physical design of the blog.

Indexed Navigation: Once your blogs been up and running for a while you have to make sure that it’s easy to navigate. Title your entries clearly and make sure that the blogs are distinct and individual.

No Hype: Your job with these blogs is not to send people with mild symptoms into a panic. By and large when you’re talking in your blog about specific cases (which you should) you should probably stick to what you know best. Just because you’re a neurologist doesn’t mean you can’t talk about general well-being. However your experience in the brain should inform your posts and demand that you to stick to things related to this. If you’re talking about specific symptoms you want to fall back on your individual experience with particular cases. You should let readers know whether or not symptoms you’re describing are common and mild or less common and require immediate attention.

Consistent: You want to blog regularly. Whether that means once a week or once a month; once you have gotten into a blogging rhythm you should try and keep up with it as something consistent. If you’re blogging regularly patients will appreciate their ability to come back at certain times and find something new.

The world of blogging and bloggers can seem quite choppy; rather than trying to fight these choppy seas you should work with the current and let the tide take you away. If you’re a doctor or dentist and you’d like to begin blogging for your practice, follow these steps and outlined dental  amp; medical blogging tips and you’ll be on your way!

Blogging is quite a tough task and if you involve dental problems and medicines it tends to become boring for the average reader who are more interested in entertainment. The target audience will be just people with dental issues (a minority) so it is better to attend a dental convention or conference to get an idea on how to write blogs on dentistry.