Avoiding Scams In Business

Avoiding Scams In Business

The path to earning money by starting a business in your spare time is fraught with scams. There are many unscrupulous people out there who have no intention of helping you to make money and are really trying to pick your pocket.

Some excellent reasons to start a business on the side are to reduce income tax while creating more income, keep our hand in even though retired, make more money to get through the recession, build in security for our future, replace money in our retirement fund that the markets have eaten up…No matter the reason you are looking for a business to start you need to beware of the indicators of scams.

#1 Scam Business Alert – Send Cash – If you have to invest lots of cash in product then it is probably not for you. Typically good businesses require a time commitment and maybe a small monthly fee for training.

#2 Scam Business Alert – No Flexible hours – A good internet marketing or network marketing business offers flexible hours.

#3 Scam Business Alert – Too Good a Return – A good internet marketing or network marketing business will start generating its own cash quickly with a good return. If the returns seem too high, however, be on the alert.

#4 Scam Business Alert – No Self Management Skills Training – An internet marketing or network marketing business with no time management training is suspect. You must have self management skills including good time management to succeed in any business.

#5 Scam Business Alert – No Networking – Any good internet marketing or network marketing business will provide a place or a forum for you to meet others in the business. If they don’t offer this then be wary. What are they hiding?

#6 Scam Business Alert – No Money Back Guarantee – When you start selling the product or products make sure there is a Money back guarantee which the parent company supports. Internet marketing or network marketing businesses must allow you to start over if the idea is not working for you. They also need to offer a money back guarantee to your cusomters. Getting stuck with a bedroom full of product is not what you want. Pay attention to restocking fees and shipping fees.

#7 Scam Business Alert – No Successful people – The parent company must be able to show you successful people doing the same thing.

#8 Scam Business Alert – No Established Market – You need a market to succeed. You do not want to be anyones guinea pig.

#9 Scam Business Alert – No Apparent Quality – The idea is to find a business that has a high quality standard that you agree with.

#10 Scam Business Alert – No Support System – You need a good support system that comes with the monthly training fees or product costs. You cannot do it alone.

These are the top 10 things to look for which point to a scam in internet marketing or network marketing businesses when you are out there looking for your road to business success. Do not fall into the hands of unscrupulous people who do not care whether you succeed or fail. Set a budget and stick to it. If you find yourself being sold the same bill of goods over and over then move on. Your opportunity awaits somewhere else.

The possibility or rather, probability of scams is one big headache for businessmen, apart from cut throat competition from all sides and the less spoken about backstabbing employees in their own company the better. So before plunging into business world, you should have profound knowledge of the ups and downs about b2b sales.