A Useful Pokemon Go Guide To Help You Catch Pokemon

A Useful Pokemon Go Guide To Help You Catch Pokemon

Pokemon is considered a very exciting game that you can play according to your need and preference. It will be better for you to explore about go tour kanto pokemon go first. There are other essential aspects that you should also know for your convenience.

Pokemon Go trading

The ability to trade or exchange Pokemon as per your need and benefits is one of the most beneficial things you can do while playing Pokemon Go. This has surely been an exciting feature of the game for a long time. You are required to meet some specific criteria to swap different Pokemon with other players or trainers out there.

Pokemon Go field research

Each month, there are to be few Field Research tasks available which are nothing but some quests you are to get by spinning Poke Stops. You have the option of achieving research breakthroughs by effectively completing such tasks to encounter some legendary Pokemon. This is the reason it is of utmost importance for you to explore Pokemon Go Field Research.

Pokemon Go Shiny List

Catching some shiny Pokemon is quite rewarding as a trainer as they happen to be rare. You are to have a 1 in 450 chance to catch such a Pokemon. There are a total of 150 that you could find. It is better for you to know and check out the whole list of Shiny Pokemon list to find the best as per your choice.

Pokemon Go Raids

Raids in Pokemon Go are nothing but battles with the oversized boss Pokemon that generally take place in the gyms. You have to group with other players to be able to beat them in the best way possible. The raid bosses Pokemon are to change every month. Therefore, you need to explore these bosses every month. You also need to know about go tour kanto pokemon go.