A Quick Review of My Favorite New Motorcycle the FLHTCU

105th Anniversary Edition FLHTCU

One of my all-time favorite motorcycles of all time has to be the Harley Davidson FLHTCU. This is one of the ultimate touring bikes ever built. They released this one just in time to be a 105th-anniversary bike. That goes really well with Shoei motorcycle helmets making this a perfect combination for your ride. 

It is actually A FLHTCU or Ultra Classic Electra Glide. This very sharp, with distinct clean lines is sure to impress even the person with the most discriminating of all taste for motorcycles.

Harley Davidson has always been a leader in American Made Motorcycles. The FLHTCU is no different. Besides looking great it has some creature comforts that once you use you don’t want to be without.

Some of these creature comforts are; heated handgrips. You’re sure to love these if you’re out for a ride and the weather changes to cold and damp. They also installed a great all-weather radio, allowing you to enjoy your favorite riding songs. The Vented Fairing is a great feature for when the weather is chilly. Close the vents and your legs stay warmer, but if it starts to get warm just open the vents to let your legs feel that cool breeze.

The engine on this motorcycle is also very impressive. Harley installed a rubber-mounted 1584 cc twin cam 96-twin as the powerhouse for this well built American icon. Boasting a compression ratio of 9:2:1.

The engine is air-cooled. This could cause minor problems if you get stuck in heavy traffic in the city, or in stop and go traffic on the expressway. This big bike is meant to get out on the highway and let its horses run.

This touring style motorcycle has a base price of $20,695. While this is a pretty penny this machine is definitely worth it. There is truly no the feeling in the world like that of being in the saddle of one of these big v-twins.

With the wheelbase being a whopping 63.5 inches it is great for the taller rider. If you opt to put the forward controls on this great machine then you can kick back in the saddle and enjoy your ride. It is almost like gliding down the HWY on or living room recliner.

When we are on a cycle of this style and magnitude we don’t ever want to stop riding. Harley Davidson helped us achieve this by putting on a 6-gallon fuel tank. This motorcycle gets around an average of 23 miles to the gallon.

That will give you a good 2 to 3 hours driving at 60-70 miles an hour. Getting us far enough away from the city and the hum-drums we get from everyday life.

Having this cycle is like having a daily vacation. Even if you never get to leave the city.