5 Wii Games Your Daughter Will Definitely Enjoy

5 Wii Games Your Daughter Will Definitely Enjoy

Without a doubt, boys love gaming on the Nintendo Wii , but what about little girls ? The kids are all bound to find pleasure from this innovative and fun gaming system , but finding games designed for girls can sometimes be challenging . There are quite a few gender neutral games, but are there girls Wii games tailored just for her?

Disney Sing It

Disney did it right with this fun series of Wii karaoke games. You’ll find there are a wide variety of Sing It games available , including an American Idol version . Because the game was designed by Disney, quite a few of the Sing It games incorporate Disney Channel characters right into the program . The game also features popular Disney Channel music from young girls’ favorite artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus. A favorite amongst little girls, this one is a must have! To add more fun and excitement that your daughter will definitely enjoy while playing this game, you can also buy her some gamer clothing that make her fit in the Disney world.

Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour

What little girl doesn’t admire Hannah Montana, her fun personality, and her “rockin” sense of style ? In this musical adventure game geared toward teen girls, your young one can personalize her own character, her clothing, and accessories before embarking on on a World Tour with Hannah Montana. She’ll love using the Wii remote and Wii nunchuk to create her own dance moves while performing in concerts with her favorite Disney characters . There are also dozens of great mini games for your daughter to enjoy along the way.

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey

Another one of Disney’s best Wii games for girls, Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey takes little ones through the imaginary homes of their favorite Disney princesses. They will will work on gaining the skills to evolve into a “real” princess – such as friendship, courage, and trust. They will also get to design their very own Disney princess Mii characters. The game features Princess Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel, and Snow White.

Karaoke Revolution

Another one of the most popular Wii karaoke games, there are a wide variety of versions of this game on the market , including the sought after American Idol version. The tunes included are more main stream, so if your little girl enjoys a broader variety of music, she will really enjoy this game.


Nickelodeon’s iCarly fans will love this game .The iCarly program is packed with great mini games that are both fun and challenging. Gamers can help Carly design her web shows while interacting with her cast members. The iCarly game has spectacular graphics and is bound to entertain your little girl for hours on end.

There are quite a few great girls Wii games to make a choice from, and these 5 are just a few favorites. If you are looking to entertain a little girl for an extended time while bringing lots of joy to her life, it’s definitely worth the investment to get at least one.