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5 Smart Tips For Playing Bioware’s An Them Like A Pro

5 Smart Tips For Playing Bioware’s An Them Like A Pro

Anthem is an immensely popular game. It is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game in which the players get to fight inter-dimensional beings using explosives and elemental attacks. It is unlike wF which does not involve any combat. Bioware hasn’t done anything as spectacular as Anthem before, so it is a mesmerizing experience to play it. Below tips and tricks can help you get through Anthem’s challenges in a better way.

  1. R3 can help you center yourself underwater

Whenever you get lost underwater, a quick tap on R3 can help you re-center the viewpoint of both yourself and your Javelin. This is extremely helpful when dipping in and out of water to cool your jets amidst flight.

  1. Shielded enemies can be attacked with ice and electric shocks

You can make use of Ice and Electric attacks on your shielded enemies. These are particularly useful in situations where Primers and Detonators do not prove to be as useful. Ice has a 25% buff against shielded enemies and Electric causes 50% bonus damage. What you can do is freeze your shielded enemy with a Primer and then launch several lightning attacks.

  1. Continue combat in the sky when raining

If it is raining, it is a great option to take your Javelin up in the sky and continue your combat from there. You need to click the right stick in to hover and that way you can prolong your stay in the air.

  1. Bank on the Storm Javelin

The Storm Javelin is Anthem’s newest model in the lore. Storm has higher ranked gear which produces hoods, flowing capes and adornments for legs and shoulders. With Storm, it is extremely easy to pull off combos, and you can drop Ice Primers and Lightning Detonators right from the start. It is also great for mid-air combats.