5% of Babies Have Social Media?

5% of Babies Have Social Media?


This article informs that public at large that 5% of children ages 2 and younger have some form of social media. It also says that 7% of them have email addresses! Are you serious???

What is the benefit of making your infant child a Myspace page? Are they going to respond to their messages themselves, or are the parents going to try to be cute and funny and respond “as the child”? I’m letting my opinion come through pretty strongly here, but I am not a fan of that. I even dislike blogs that are written as the child. I LOVE blogs that are written about the children from the parents perspective, I think that’s awesome for the children to read as they get older and see their parents views on them and their milestones, but I think it’s annoying to read it “as the child”.

I recently read a book – I believe it was “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk (you all know how I adore him), where they said to reserve your child’s place on the Internet from the beginning. I have no issues with that. I would absolutely acquire a domain name for my child (in fact, my husband and I have already come up with a cool, quirky name for our child’s site/blog) when they were young, and I would probably use it as a blog to document everything for family members to see while the child was little. Later down the road, if they wanted to turn it into something else, that’s their perogrative. But I will not write a blog like I am the child. That’s creepy to me. Babies can’t write. I think Angelina and Brad actually went through a couple years ago and purchased different domain names that could be attributed to their children as well (try to buy maddoxjoliepitt.com from Angelina and Brad, I wonder how much they would settle on).

But really, a Myspace/Facebook/Twitter for the child? Didn’t Lance Armstrong recently do this? I understand if they are old enough to write, maybe Grandma and Grandpa want to send messages back and forth with them. That’s fine. But BABIES CAN’T WRITE! Ahh! Just post their pictures on your own Facebook page for everyone to see. I will make an exception though to my social media outburst – baby Avery Klemola. www.facebook.com/averyklemola. This little girl is a family member of ours that is currently in remission from cancer. She’s a fighter, a miracle child, and her Facebook is used for updates on her condition. No problem whatsoever with that. Keep fighting Avery! Moreover, it is now easier for anyone, even a baby to have a lot of instagram followers free. There are several methods that people can employ to enhance their social media accounts.

Anyway, I will end my rant now. Have a good Thursday everyone! The Mentalist is on tonight – make sure you watch it, since you can’t online!