4 Tips To Protect Cannabis Plant From Rain

4 Tips To Protect Cannabis Plant From Rain

Cannabis cultivation is seeing a surge in several places across the world. Thanks to the legalization of the plant for medicinal purposes, more and more cultivators are growing cannabis. You can even find medical marijuana dispensaries in Perris and many other cities where cannabis is used for treatment of several health conditions. However, outdoor farming of cannabis requires one to protect it from weather extremes like rain and storm. The below tips tell how to protect your cannabis crop from rain for a fruitful harvest:

  1. Support your cannabis plants

Ensure that the primary stalks of your cannabis plant are supported well. You can place cages around when the plant is young, and then support the stress points where a branch splits. Thereafter trellis the outside of the plants and provide support to the buds.

  1. Provide proper drainage

You should check your garden site for proper drainage prior to cultivating cannabis. If the drainage is not proper, installing a perforated drainage pipe should help. After planting the cannabis plants, ensure that water does not pool around the roots and pots. This can lead to the roots rotting and plants to die out eventually.

  1. Cover your cannabis plants

It is important to cover your cannabis crops with a canvas or plastic cover to protect them from storms and rains. You need to place the cover at least 30cm away from your plants or build a greenhouse for a more permanent measure.

  1. Allow air to pass between plants

If your cannabis plants are cultivated in pots, you should space them so as to let air pass between the plants and prevent mold formation. If however you plant cannabis in soil, gently shake the plants after a spell of rain. This helps reduce some water weight from the plants and lets air pass between them.