4 pro tips for beginner sports photographers

4 pro tips for beginner sports photographers

Sports photography is undoubtedly more challenging compared to other photography industries. One of the main reasons here is that a sports photographer always has to be freeze action in motion. There is no re-take here and one has to be alert all the time, lest he might miss a golden goal. Are you too an aspiring sports photographer? Well, the good thing is here are some expert tips that will enable you to shine with your shutter on the field.

Shoot little wider

Don’t forget  sports photography is about capturing moving objects. Thus, there is high risk of blurry or out-of-frame pictures if you are not proper with the clicks. The tip here is to shoot little wider compared to what you usually do as that will help to cover the full motion in one frame.

Stress on aperture priority

Fast shutter is extremely crucial when you have to shoot subjects in motion. The key to best shutter speed is setting your aperture to wide setting, like f/2.8.

Show motion at times

While most part of sports photography is about freezing motion, showing of motion at times would also enrich your album. For example, when you have to capture a fantastic MLB중계 or that perfect sixer, it would be better if your camera can pan the motion. Panning is a fantastic technique to follow here. Set the shutter little slower (1/250″ and then adjust) and follow the subject with camera while you finally record the picture. Keep the camera steady as any blurry shot here will completely destroy the energy of the picture.

Use servo focus mode

This is another vital tip every sports photographer should follow.

Autofocus motor comes with 2 modes. The first one focuses & locks. The other one focuses as well as continuously adjusts if your shutter button seems to be half pressed. The second one is called “Servo” or “Continuous focus” mode as it will help focus to adjust with action.