13 Love Resolutions for Singles

As 2013 approaches, many of us start making our resolutions in hope that we can incorporate more positivity in the new year than there was the year before. One of the areas quite a few focus on improving is the love life. If you’re single and ready for a great guy, consider the upcoming year your time to find the relationship you desire. Get ready for some great things to happen! There are 13 dating resolutions singles can make in 2013 to change things for the better.

Start online dating

Signing up for a dating website may seem like the worst idea ever, but the best thing is that you don’t actually have to jump into it right away. Sign up for the site, give yourself a few days to get accustomed to it and look around at what the site has to offer. Take things slow by answering a couple of messages, letting some guys know you’re interested and being open to seeing what happens.

This might seem awkward at first but once you get used to it, the path ahead will be easy to manage. Online dating is a very risky business due to many fake profiles lurking in search of naïve victims so as to entrap and blackmail them which has led to many youngsters committing suicide. Now, I am not trying to scare anyone but just that caution needs to be exercised at every step. You can always consult the okcupid dating app to get more information on how to go forward with online dating without any repercussions in the bargain.

Hang out in different places

If you keep going to the same places, you’re going to keep meeting the same type of people. To meet different guys, you’re going to have to start hanging out in different places. Check out different bookstores, parks and museums in the area. You could just find a great new guy.

Date outside your type

It’s usually that our type isn’t who we should be dating or who would be best for us. Every time I go for a guy who isn’t my type, that’s when I have the best relationships. Give a guy who isn’t your type a shot, you never know what could happen.

Don’t settle for someone who isn’t for you

At some point, many of us will continue to date someone long after we should have stopped. I’ve done it myself once or twice. Whether the reason is because we’re so into the person or because we just want to be in a relationship, the situation never usually turns out great. In 2013, make a resolution to let go of the guy when you realize deep down that he’s not right for you.

Lose the negative attitude

Having a negative attitude isn’t good for you, but it’s also going to have an affect on your dating life. Guys don’t want to be around a woman who oozes a poor attitude and it’s also going to cause you to attract negativity your way. Work on having a more positive attitude and you’d be surprised how things can change.

Stop making excuses

I’ve made plenty of excuses in the past for why I couldn’t get involved with a guy, and they weren’t even good excuses. It was all because I was scared to put myself out there. Don’t make the same mistake. The rewards can be worth it when you take some chances.

Take a break

If you’ve been continuously dating and you’re getting increasingly fed up, maybe it’s time you take a break. I’ve taken a couple of breaks in the past and after a few months, I was always ready to jump back in with a different attitude.

Make a move

In 2013, make a resolution that you’re not going to sit around waiting for a guy to do all the approaching. One of the last guys I dated, I started the conversation and gave him my number before he had a chance to ask. You’re likely going to be nervous about it, but instead of thinking about everything that could go wrong, think about what could go right.

Lose the ex

If you want to move forward, you can’t have someone in your life who’s going to keep reminding you of your past. One of the biggest reasons we keep an ex in our life is because of the comfort that’s tied to him. Cut ties with the ex if you want to increase your chances of finding someone good to be with.

Say “yes” to more dates

Many of us have turned down dates in the past that could have likely had a really good outcome. Whether it’s a blind date or you’ve been asked out by a guy you’re not quite sure about, give him a chance before you turn him down.

Love yourself first

When you love yourself, you attract better quality guys. I’ve seen it happen time and time again in my own life and in the lives of others. You may not be at that point right now, but at least work on it and it can start to have really great results.

Take things slow

There’s zero need to rush into anything with a guy whether it’s sex or a relationship. Talk to him more, spend more time together and really get to know each other before you commit in any way. It can help save your heart quite a bit of pain.

Skip the pressure

When a guy starts putting pressure on me, that’s when I freak out and make a run for it. Don’t make the same mistake by pulling that with a guy. Develop a “go with the flow” attitude in 2013 and don’t push to always keep taking the next step with him otherwise you’re going to push him away.

Consider 2013 the year for big changes in your dating life. You don’t have to work on everything all at once, but take things little by little and you could start to see some very positive changes happening. By the end of the year, you could just be in a relationship with the guy of your dreams.